Package Includes

  • Model 204BSub. Assembly
  • Head Kit, 4" Dia. w/cam
  • Air Motor Assembly
  • Mandrel Assembly
  • Jaw Block Set
  • Wrench Kit
  • Carrying Case
  • Operators Manual
  • Air Caddy

     Tekniske spesifikasjoner

  • 1.25″ ID to 4″ (31.75 to 114.3mm) Pipe Range
  • Optional Mandrel ID Range, .610″ to 1.25″ ID (15.5 to 31.7mm)
  • In-Line Feed
  • Flange Facing Attachment, 1.50″ to 14.0″ OD (38.1 to 355.6mm)
  • Elbow Mandrel, 1.00″ to 4.50″ ID (2.54 to 355.6mm)
  • Pneumatic Motor (55 cfm (26L/s) at 90psi (621kPa air supply)
  • Bevel, Counterbore, Face, ID Chamfer, Flange Face
  • Weight 18 lbs (8.16kg)

Pipe beveler features three (3) tool bit slots (for facing, counterboring, and beveling), an inline feed, solid milled body with heavy-duty gear set, and tapered roller bearings for reliability. A tool steel mandrel and durable hardened steel mounting blocks provide positive grip.

Includes: Machine, Mandrel, Jaw Blocks, 4.00" Cutting Head w/ Cam, Air Motor, Wrench Kit, Carrying Case, Operating Manual, and Air Caddy

For Facing operation: Purchase 99-0257 tool bit

For 37.5° Beveling operation: PurchaseDurabit7 tool bit