600SB serien består av følgende 4 maskiner:

604SB 0" til 4"

606SB 2" til 6"

608SB 4" til 8"

612SB 8" til 12"

(Andre alternativer tilgjengelig på forespørsel)


110V Electric
115V HD Electric
220V Electric

Machine Package Includes:

  • Model 604SBsub assembly
  • Motor asssembly
  • Wrench Kit
  • Case
  • Operators Manual

The venerable SB (Sliding Bearing) lathes feature adjustable full-contact bearings for maximum strength, providing the ultimate solution for simultaneous severing and beveling, deep counterbores, and close tolerance machining.

The signature sliding bronze bearings provide maximum stability for a smooth finish, precision machining, and long tool bit life, even on the most demanding materials.

In harsh or contaminated environments such as offshore oil platforms or nuclear power plants, sliding bearings can be easily and economically cleaned and adjusted, maintaining consistent operating performance.