PFM 614

Pipe/Tube Size:*4.000" - 14.000" (101.6 mm - 355.6 mm)

Wall Thickness:2.480" (63.0 mm)

Drive Options:Hydraulic

Machine Package Includes:

  • Model PFM 614 Sub Assembly 
  • (3) I.D. Tracking Module Assembly
  • Tool Spacer Kit
  • Mounting Pads
  • Wrench Kit
  • Operators Manual

    Technical specifications

  • 6” to 14” (168.3 to 355.6mm), wall up to 2.48” (63mm)
  • Optional short perch length mounting for collars and coating cut-backs
  • Safety chip guard with integral auto shut-off

The PFM 614 is a portable OD mount machine tool for beveling and facing 6” (168.3mm) through 14” (355.6mm) pipe. The machine can cut on pipe down to 4″ (thinwall) size with special tooling. The tool is configured with a dual hydraulic drive motor powering a set of helical gears attached to the main spindle. An auto-feed hydraulic cylinder with rapid and slow feed control provides accurate cutting head control. One hydraulically actuated OD clamping head assembly with mounting pads covers the whole range of the tool.