600SBCM series contains of following 6 machines:

601SBCM 10mm to 34mm OD

602SBCM 33mm to 6omm OD

603SBCM 38mm to 76mm OD

603.5SBCM 63mm to 102mm OD

601SBM 14mm to 33,4mm OD

602,5SBM 33,4mm to 76,2mm OD

Drive Options:

18V Cordless

Machine Package Includes:

  • Model 601SBCM sub assembly
  • Tripper Pin removal kit
  • 18"extension whip
  • Motor asssembly
  • Wrench Kit
  • Case
  • Operators Manual

These low profile clamshells are split-frame lathes that sever and bevel in-line tube and pipe. The lathes split into two halves and lock all moving components for secure ease of handling and mounting. The collet style clamping self-centers and does not distort the work piece. It can be configured for clean-room use (No Lead) and are protected by tough Nickel plating that makes them easy to clean and decontaminate.