Basic pipe sizes:
1/8” All schedules 1/2” Schedules 5 through 40
1/4” All schedules 3/4” Schedules 5 through 40
3/8” All schedules 1” Schedules 5S & 10S

Basic tube sizes:
.125” (3.2mm) through 1.500” (38.1mm)
with wall thickness up to .125” (3.2mm)
Materials include but are not limited to:
AluminumCopper nickel alloys Carbon steel Stainless
Chrome steel (20% max) Copper
Drive Motor Options:
18VDC Cordless Motor Assembly (with 110VAC Charger)
18VDC Cordless Motor Assembly (with 220VAC Charger)
110VAC 50/60 Hz 9.6 Amp Corded Motor Assembly
220VAC 50/60 Hz 4.8 Amp Corded Motor Assembly
100VAC 50/60 Hz 6 Amp Corded Motor Assembly (For Japan Only)*
Base machine 5.0 lbs. (2.3 Kg)
Cordless Motor 4.2 lbs. (1.9 Kg)
Corded Motor 6.4 lbs. (2.9 Kg)

The 301.5SP (Short Perch) Tube Squaring Tool is designed specifically
to prepare tube for autogenous welding. The 301.5SP will face .125”
(3.2mm) to 1.500” (38.1mm) outside diameter tubing with a wall
thickness up to .125” (3.2mm). The 301.5SP uses a toolless OD saddle
clamping system for holding and rounding the tube. The 301.5SP
accepts its own torque through the saddle clamping system. The
standard saddle clamping system requires a straight length of tube
.60” (15.2mm) long. The Short Perch saddle clamping system requires
a straight length of tube .19” (4.8mm) long. Speed is controlled by
a variable speed electric motor. Feed is cam actuated with an auto
retract. The feed handle is at a right angle to the cutter head.